About Us

You know how it feels to hear a favorite song from the past? The sound transports you in time. The lyrics fill you with distant memories. The guitar solo makes you soar.....

Now imagine the experience through the cloud of hearing loss. Something is missing. You feel isolated. You feel disconnected.

My name is Ken Norton. I am a Doctor of Audiology licensed in the state of California. I am also a musician and happen to have genetic hearing loss.

I created RockAndRollHearingTech.com as an alternative access to hearing healthcare. The focus is on you and your needs; providing convenience, affordability, and resources to make your better hearing a reality now. In addition, you'll find the latest hearing gear to enjoy and protect your hearing. So go on, get connected.

My mission is to bring better hearing to musicians and music lovers. So why "Rock and Roll"? It's the music of an entire generation and mirrors that generations' needs and personality. Often it is full of contradictions but that's what makes life interesting. We are independent and communal. We are rebellious and unifying. Rock and roll is full of energy and vitality, even recklessness at times. However we are also a little older and wiser and value our health and wellness.

My wish is to use my life experience to help others. As a teenager I experienced hearing loss and after exploratory surgery failed to improve my hearing I began using a hearing aid. Living with hearing loss while earning a living as a musician made me value my hearing more than ever.

Later through surgery at the House Ear Institute in Los Angeles my hearing was mostly restored. This process of loss and restoration inspired me to study audiology and dedicate my professional work to helping people improve their hearing and regain their appreciation for the sounds of life. Today as technology advances there are many new solutions for the most common types of hearing loss. In short, it is time to take charge of your gift of hearing - it's just a click away. I'm sure that at Rock and Roll Hearing Tech.com you will find answers and solutions. Hey, you'll even enjoy the process.

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