How To Buy

All items, except hearing instruments, may be purchased immediately through pay pal online.

Hearing Instruments can be purchased after a few steps have been taken to ensure quality and safety. Contact us directly for any questions you have. RRHT recommends that you first see your physician, preferably one that specializes in the ear, to be medically evaluated, as well as have an audiologist provide a thorough hearing evaluation. Check with your insurance provider. Retain copies of your hearing tests.

Next, contact RRHT and fax/email/mail copies of our audiogram and medical clearance for hearing aids.

Next, complete a questionnaire designed to identify your specific needs. Dr. Norton will contact you to discuss various key points to selecting appropriate devices. When you have made your selection. You will be given a number of payment options, choose the best that suites you and await the arrival of your new hearing devices. Aids are usually received within a week of receipt of order. Be. Hear. Now.

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