Hearing Improvenment

Hearing Improvenment


Moxie Indigo by Unitron

Short Description: Mild to severe hearing losses (up to 95 dB HL) Clients with severe hearing losses who desire a more discreet fit First-time and experienced wearers Active clients (Indigo™, Element™ 16 and Element 8) and those who interact in fewer, quieter environments (Element 4) Style-conscious clients and those concerned about occlusion Clients seeking high-value features, proven performance and outstanding value
SKU/Item Number: 22 | Price: $2195.00

Sebotek VQ410

Short Description: Sebotek's most cost effective hearing instrument, the Voice-Q 410 is an ideal choice if you are just beginning to experience some hearing loss, and is designed to fit losses up to 80dB. Single program.
SKU/Item Number: 21 | Price: $999.00

Sebotek VQ510

Short Description: A mid-range hearing instrument, the Voice-Q 510 fits losses to 95dB, yet is more cost effective than the Voice-Q 720 or 721. Two programs, telecoil.
SKU/Item Number: 20 | Price: $1695.00

Sebotek VQ720

Short Description: The Voice-Q 720 offers a number of the premiere-level benefits of the Voice-Q 721 without the premium-level cost, and is designed to fit losses up to 90dB. Four programs, telecoil, directional microphones.
SKU/Item Number: 19 | Price: $2095.00

Sebotek VQ721

Short Description: The PAC Voice-Q 721—a premium level device—offers the latest in advanced, digital technology and fits losses up to 100dB. The Voice-Q 721 leads the industry in sound quality, speech clarity and performance. Four programs, telecoil, noise reduction, directional microphones.
SKU/Item Number: 18 | Price: $2195.00
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