Siemens Centra Active

Short Description: Made for active living
Today’s generation of hearing instrument wearers are more active than ever before. That's why Siemens created a new Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) system – CENTRA Active. It's everything today's wearers want in a hearing system:
easy-to-wear, water-resistant, rechargeable, and offers unrivaled hearing performance. For active people, CENTRA Active is central to what really matters.
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A new RIC design

Unlike other RIC designs, CENTRA Active features an ergonomically shaped receiver unit specially designed for optimum placement in the ear canal.

The receiver unit is comfortable, virtually invisible, and available in different lengths. It plugs into the body of the hearing instrument with a simple, yet secure turn-and-click connection, and the occlusion-free domes are available in a wide range of sizes. CENTRA Active's rounded ergonomic shape supports directional technology in the smallest possible size.

Water-resistant innovations

CENTRA Active offers an array of innovations that make it resistant to sweat, moisture, and humidity. It features a clip-on microphone cover with an integrated GORE™ membrane that protects the microphone from moisture, as well as dust, dirt, and microparticles. Plus, CENTRA Active's housing is finished with nanocoating, which actually repels water and prevents moisture and debris from leaking into the instrument. Nanocoating minimizes the chances of corrosion and malfunction, and greatly enhances reliability and performance. CENTRA Active also offers C-Guard™, a membrane barrier that seals off the receiver – yet is completely acoustically transparent – protecting against ear wax and humidity.


Freedom from batteries! With CENTRA Active's easy-to-use charger, the hearing instruments work all day on a single night's charge. Simple to operate, up to two instruments can be charged at one time. After just five hours of charging, the charger shuts itself off and the hearing instruments are ready to run for a full day and evening. What's more, the charger will automatically turn off the instruments if not already done.

And, if you attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries, or have reversed the polarity of the batteries in the instruments, the charger will alert you. CENTRA Active can also run on regular size 13 batteries.

CENTRA is the newest, most advanced hearing solution available today.

•   SoundSmoothing™ technology – instantly recognizes and reduces annoying

noises like rustling paper, clanging dishes, and breaking glass, while preserving the sound of voices and conversations

•   DataLearning™ – learns based on your volume changes, and automatically

adjusts itself to match your preferences

•   e2e wireless™ communication – keeps your instruments properly balanced

at all times, so you can easily and naturally tell where sounds are coming from. Also makes instruments easier to use by enabling you to control the volume and program of both instruments at the same time

•   Most Advanced Adaptive Feedback Cancellation – reduces or eliminates

the high-pitched whistling common with many other hearing instruments

•   eWindScreen – an electronic wind noise reduction system that detects

wind conditions and adapts automatically to reduce annoying wind noise

•   Directional Microphone System – so advanced it automatically adapts to

your listening environment and can reduce multiple noise sources. This makes it easier to focus on what really matters – like speech and conversations.

CENTRA Active BTEs are available in a range of colors to match skin and hair tones, as well as sleek new colors including black, pearl white, and silver.

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