Siemens Cielo 2 Active

Short Description: The Cielo 2 Active system is a lower cost alternative to the Centra Active but retains many useful features such as moisture protection, data logging, speech and noise management, and it’s rechargeable feature.
SKU/Item Number: 27
Price: $1895.00

CIELO 2 Active is ergonomically shaped for optimum placement in the ear canal and is virtually invisible when worn. Fitting is fast and easy with a wide selection of open tips to fit all ear canals. You can also choose from a broad range of colors to match hair or skin tones.

Stays dry. Even when you sweat.

With CIELO 2 Active, you can take a stroll on a warm day, spend time in your garden, or relax by the pool without a second thought. Our exclusive AquaProtect™ technology makes it more resistant to humidity and moisture.

CIELO 2 Active’s housing is nanocoated— a proprietary Siemens technology that repels water, prevents corrosion, and greatly enhances reliability.

We also added a GORE™ clip-on microphone cover that protects against damage from perspiration, water and other liquids. And our exclusive C-Guard™ barrier protects the dome tip against ear wax and humidity for months at a time.

Go all day and all evening. All on one charge.

It's no secret that hearing instrument batteries are a nuisance. You have to keep a ready supply on hand to prevent unexpected trips to the store.

And those tiny batteries aren't the easiest to handle either. That's not a problem with CIELO 2 Active. The stylish, easy-to-use charger makes battery-related worries a thing of the past. Simply place the instruments in the charger and after just five hours you are ready to go all day and evening. For even greater convenience, CIELO 2 Active will also run on regular hearing instrument batteries.

Hearing is natural. Intuitive. Automatic.

With a number of built-in technology features, CIELO 2 Active is designed to enhance your overall listening experience. So you can get even more enjoyment out of the things you already love to do.

•Data logging. Collects information on your hearing preferences and

instrument performance in various listening environments to help your

hearing care professional make faster, more accurate adjustments.

•Speech and noise management. Softens intrusive noises, like banging

doors and barking dogs, while simultaneously enhancing speech.

•Automatic and adaptive directional microphone. Improves speech

understanding in noisy environments like parties, weddings and


•Feedback cancellation system. Reduces or eliminates feedback

automatically without responding to signals like music or microwave


•Wind noise reduction. Reduces wind noise automatically so you can enjoy

outdoor activities without any interference.

•ePocket™ remote control. Lets you make adjustments to the instrument in

a convenient, discreet and simple manner.

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