ER4 microPro reference -quality earphones

Short Description: Next Best Thing to Live Music
• Transparent, reference-quality sound
• For audiophiles, performing musicians and recording engineers
• For mixing, monitoring and critical listening
• Accurate real-ear response
• Unsurpassed isolation from outside sound
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Price: $299.00

The ER•4 MicroPro™ earphones are the next best thing to live music, with noise isolation far surpassing that of active noise-canceling earphones.

The ER•4s require NO batteries, and can be plugged into any audio source.

Their external noise exclusion -- 35 dB with 3-flange eartips, 42 dB with foam eartips -- allows you to hear the full dynamic range of recordings without having to play them at unnaturally high and unsafe levels. The earphones come in three styles: ER•4B, ER•4S, ER•4P.

System Includes

•   ER•4 MicroPro earphones

•   5 ft. cord with 3.5 mm stereo phone plug

•   1/4" stereo phone adapter plug

•   Six 3-flange eartips

•   10 foam eartips

•   Filter changing tool

•   4 replacement filters

•   Shirt clip

•   Pouch

•   Storage box

ER•4B (Binaural) earphones are for the binaural recording enthusiast. The ER•4B is an ideal earphone for use with material that has not been equalized for loudspeaker playback. It was developed from the ER-1 earphone that is referenced to a flat diffuse field and used primarily for speech reception research, where the goal is to produce the same frequency response at the eardrum as would be produced in the live situation.

ER•4S (Stereo) earphones were designed to compensate for the high frequency emphasis in all CD recordings, in order to provide accurate sound reproduction. Performing musicians often use them as in-ear monitors because the response of the ER•4S matches the response of most typical monitor loudspeakers. The high accuracy and exceptional sound isolation of the ER•4S have made these earphones popular with musicians, recording engineers and audiophiles. ER•4S earphones can be used with a headphone amplifier when using low power portable devices.

ER•4P (Portable) earphones can be used with portable CD, MP3, DVD and other players without requiring an additional amplifier. As compared to the ER•4S, the ER•4P has 10 dB greater output at high frequencies and 13 dB greater output at low frequencies. The higher sensitivity and enhanced bass of the ER•4P have made it the most popular earphone for most uses.

Effective Response of ER•4 Earphones

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